The ‘Water Only Washing’ Way

I have decided to start using a method that uses only water. This means no shampoo, conditioner or anything else except for an occasional deep condition and oils on the ends of the hair during the transition period.

A year ago I moved to the UAE and although I enjoy being here I find at times that it is difficult to find the same stuff I used at home – You know, the favourites, some natural and some that I use just because – Tresemme, oils and butters, herbs and roots. (Well I didn’t really use herbs and roots but it sounded good).

Even though I have to search high and low to find what I need here, my hair is growing and on the whole doing well. In the past few weeks it’s felt soft and moisturised, my curls are really defined and I am beginning (at long last) to be able to get consistent results. However, there has been some breakage at the front and back so I want to see if I can eliminate or reduce any more breakage and get even healthier hair.

So, I’ve been looking for something more natural, maybe vegan or vegetarian… Or so I thought but after seeing some of the prices of these I decided against it and have to resort to either making my own, (having trouble getting ingredients that don’t cost an arm and a leg before adding on posting overseas) or something else. The ‘something else’ is the Water Only Method. I am really keen to try this, so keen that I’ve decided to start today! Please be aware that I am not a patient person and I’m not very good at ‘reading’ my hair. I’m hoping that this will change along this new journey and that my hair will thrive, that I will be able to understand what naturals are talking about when they say they can ‘feel the sebum’ and that they have ‘full coverage of sebum’. Not too much to ask for – healthy, thriving, full knowledge of the way my hair reacts by doing it the water only way.

Day One

The first thing that is recommended is to clarify the hair to get rid of all the cones, dirt and buildup.

I recently received a gift from a colleague at school of Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and conditioner and must admit to using it a couple few times because I was too lazy to make the Apple Cider Vinegar wash. So let’s start washing that stuff out right now.

I clarified with Rhassoul Clay and Aloe Vera Gel.


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