The ‘Water Only Washing’ Way

I have decided to start using a method that uses only water. This means no shampoo, conditioner or anything else except for an occasional deep condition and oils on the ends of the hair during the transition period.

A year ago I moved to the UAE and although I enjoy being here I find at times that it is difficult to find the same stuff I used at home – You know, the favourites, some natural and some that I use just because – Tresemme, oils and butters, herbs and roots. (Well I didn’t really use herbs and roots but it sounded good).

Even though I have to search high and low to find what I need here, my hair is growing and on the whole doing well. In the past few weeks it’s felt soft and moisturised, my curls are really defined and I am beginning (at long last) to be able to get consistent results. However, there has been some breakage at the front and back so I want to see if I can eliminate or reduce any more breakage and get even healthier hair.

So, I’ve been looking for something more natural, maybe vegan or vegetarian… Or so I thought but after seeing some of the prices of these I decided against it and have to resort to either making my own, (having trouble getting ingredients that don’t cost an arm and a leg before adding on posting overseas) or something else. The ‘something else’ is the Water Only Method. I am really keen to try this, so keen that I’ve decided to start today! Please be aware that I am not a patient person and I’m not very good at ‘reading’ my hair. I’m hoping that this will change along this new journey and that my hair will thrive, that I will be able to understand what naturals are talking about when they say they can ‘feel the sebum’ and that they have ‘full coverage of sebum’. Not too much to ask for – healthy, thriving, full knowledge of the way my hair reacts by doing it the water only way.

Day One

The first thing that is recommended is to clarify the hair to get rid of all the cones, dirt and buildup.

I recently received a gift from a colleague at school of Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and conditioner and must admit to using it a couple few times because I was too lazy to make the Apple Cider Vinegar wash. So let’s start washing that stuff out right now.

I clarified with Rhassoul Clay and Aloe Vera Gel.

Search for a Good Satin Hair Cap

Who else has problems at night time trying to keep that satin scarf/cap on their head? Well I went on a search after trying to tie my hair with an old sleep cap (not much elastic left in it), a scarf and at times whatever I could find.  I even reverted back to a bandana at one point.

I decided to purchase these two sleep caps:

  • Amazon – QFitt Collection Large Drawstring Satin Sleep Cap £5.99 plus postage
  • Ebay – Magic Collection Satin Sleep Cap Breathable/Elastic Band Large 20″ # 2191Bl – £2.99 (including postage)

The Magic 20″ Sleep Cap, I’ve given to my daughter who was quite excited because she was tying her hair up with anything she could find as well.  They have different sizes and I think I’m going to get another one but larger. The QFitt cap (with the really long drawstring) I’m trying out. They both stay on really well. The only thing I’m worried about with the Qfitt is waking up in the morning with the drawstring wrapped around my neck because it’s so long.  I of course wrap it around the top of my head a few times. It is also quite expensive for what it is and was in my wishlist for a couple of months until I gave in. I wouldn’t buy another one at that price.

Other interesting products I have found are below.  They are not just in the UK:

Let’s take care of our natural hair ladies and gents – use a satin cap or pillow.

Finger Coils

It’s funny that one of the first styles that people try when they go natural seems to be the finger coils. A while back I showed photos of two lovely young ladies rocking their finger coils and they’re back and still showing off their fantastic coils. Over the past few months there are others following the Bristol trend. Long, short, curly, coily, kinky, lovely…

Next up, afro puffs!

Hair Party

On the 9th June 2013, 17 ladies thinking about hair care came together in a local primary school to discuss our thoughts and concerns. We ate, talked, demonstrated, compared, watched and hopefully had a thoroughly good time. I certainly did! Food wins me over really easily, especially chicken (LHM).

Well, how did all of this happen? Do you remember I mentioned that four of us sat down in my house about two weeks before and had a great discussion, for about 3 hours, about how to start the natural hair journey. We talked about what to use, why natural?  Myths about hair, good books, videos, favourite YouTubers …etc. Well the spin off from that was to have another meeting, which grew and grew so it could no longer be held at my house but had to be relocated to a larger venue. There were daughters, mothers, friends, grandmothers, whatsappers all coming together to find out what this ‘natural hair’ thing was about.

We are not professionals, we didn’t know what to expect, but did it anyway.  Our aim was to share. Our goal is to improve our meetings each time and continue to share what we learn about our very different hair types. Hopefully in the future we can hold an even bigger Bristol hair event.

Body & Hair Oil

I’ve been looking for something more natural to use instead of the unnatural baby oil we’ve been buying.

I decided to go for a mix of the following:

1/3 cup (60ml) – Coconut Oil
1/3 cup (60ml) – Jojoba Oil
1/3 cup (60ml) – Almond Oil
2 tablespoons of Vitamin E Oil
6 – 10 drops of Orange and Lavender essential oils

As I was running out of Jojoba oil I have not mixed as much as I would have liked. I’ll see what the family think then mix another batch when I’ve restocked.

My Fine Natural Hair

I’m learning a lot about my hair. The newest revelation is that I have ‘fine’ hair. I seem to have a lot of this type of hair but just the same it is ‘fine’. So does this matter? Well yes it does and it answers a few questions such as why don’t flat twist outs look like the ones ive seen on Youtube but instead are so scalpy? Why do I have to really puff my hair up to get rid of those lines? Why do I find broken strands on my fingers when I sometimes do finger coils? It is because I have fine hair.

Fine Natural Hair
Fine Natural Hair

I’ve been doing some reading on the subject but unfortunately there isn’t a lot out there. I will continue in my search for what works well on my hair but I feel I have a long way to go. Nevertheless, I’m loving it! I can’t wait to see what my hair can do as it gets longer, what it will look like and how much of it I have. I am also experimenting with my daughter’s hair which is coarser than mine and hoping to teach her to love her natural hair too.

Length Check T-Shirts

I recently bought a length check t-shirt to eventually begin to record the growth of my hair. I then found a site that shows you how to create your own so thought I’d share it with you all – (I have not made my own).
Buy from:

Finger Coils

I haven’t considered myself as being natural for very long although I had locs for 6 years. I am exploring my hair and trying a few things and as I find out more I just can’t seem to help sharing my ideas with friends, family, colleagues etc. I am by no means an expert especially as I can be lazy with hair, but I am reading, watching and trying out different things with mine and my daughter’s hair.

Last week I attended a conference with a friend and we talked hair which seems to be my staple diet at the moment. She has two beautiful girls with different types of curl patterns and she decided to try out finger coils on them. I have been doing coils on my hair for a couple of months and find it so easy that I decided to share. See these fantastic photos of the results.