A First for Hair

I am lapping up every moment of my hair. This holiday I’ve been able to do a few ‘firsts’:

1. We had a ‘Hair Party’ (or whatever you want to call it). A few of my friends from church are thinking of going natural. Believe me something’s happening and loads of people I know are thinking this is the way to go – natural. I’ve been natural now for 10 months and a couple of friends dropped by to talk hair. We talked about how to wash, what to apply, why we do it, we looked at combs, gels, shampoos, conditioners and 3 hours later came to the conclusion that it was great fun and we needed to do it again – next date is 9th June 2013 @ 2.00pm and it looks like at least 13 people will be crammed into my little front room, eating, sharing, discussing and listening (can’t wait!)

2. During the ‘Hair Party’ a friend brought up eczema so my next ‘first’ was to look for something that might help with a sensitive scalp and body. I’ve not made as much butter this winter as my house is freezing and the butter turned to rock. My daughter made me make some a couple of weeks ago and that came out creamy so I thought I’d try again. To make this butter I used the following:

Shea & Coconut Butter
Shea & Coconut Butter

1 cup of Shea Butter
1/2 cup of Coconut Butter
1/2 cup of Jojoba Oil
10 – 12 cups of Orange Essential Oil
10 – 12 cups of Peppermint Essential Oil

I melted the Shea and Coconut Butter first then added all of the oils. Next I put it in the freezer for 30 minutes until it began to get hard (I tripled the ingredients so needed longer). When it came out I whipped it until it began to get creamy. I needed to put it back into the freezer for an extra 10 minutes and voila the result is above. I usually squeeze it out of bag like icing but this time just scooped it out with a spoon.

It looked yummy! Unfortunately I’m not a great fan of the smell of coconut butter (don’t get me wrong, I can eat it no problem but for it to be on my body… for a long period of time, not so much.

3. My third ‘first’ was a pretty decent twist out – I’m not saying the style is all that but the texture and softness was great and I love the definition of this twist out. I’ve not done my hair on such big twists for a while as it didn’t work well but now my hair is growing it’s looking better and filling out. Not so much ‘picking’ to fill out the gaps.

Twist Out
My Softest Feeling Twist Out

4. My final ‘first’ was to do finger coils on a friend’s hair. It took about an hour and a half and didn’t turn out too bad (if I do say so myself). It was a finger coil on transitioning hair so there were some stringy ends which she later cut off. I’ve been doing different styles on my hair so it was scary doing it on somebody else’s hair and there were lots of prayers going up asking that it came out OK.

Well enough firsts – lets see what the next couple of months bring, especially as the weather is trying to warm up here in Bristol.