Finger Coils

It’s funny that one of the first styles that people try when they go natural seems to be the finger coils. A while back I showed photos of two lovely young ladies rocking their finger coils and they’re back and still showing off their fantastic coils. Over the past few months there are others following the Bristol trend. Long, short, curly, coily, kinky, lovely…

Next up, afro puffs!

Hair Party

On the 9th June 2013, 17 ladies thinking about hair care came together in a local primary school to discuss our thoughts and concerns. We ate, talked, demonstrated, compared, watched and hopefully had a thoroughly good time. I certainly did! Food wins me over really easily, especially chicken (LHM).

Well, how did all of this happen? Do you remember I mentioned that four of us sat down in my house about two weeks before and had a great discussion, for about 3 hours, about how to start the natural hair journey. We talked about what to use, why natural?  Myths about hair, good books, videos, favourite YouTubers …etc. Well the spin off from that was to have another meeting, which grew and grew so it could no longer be held at my house but had to be relocated to a larger venue. There were daughters, mothers, friends, grandmothers, whatsappers all coming together to find out what this ‘natural hair’ thing was about.

We are not professionals, we didn’t know what to expect, but did it anyway.  Our aim was to share. Our goal is to improve our meetings each time and continue to share what we learn about our very different hair types. Hopefully in the future we can hold an even bigger Bristol hair event.

My Favourite Hair & Body Butter

Butter me Up

Shea & Grapeseed Butter (Butter me Up)

I’ve been making a range of butters over the last 10 months and I think I have found a favourite for my hair and body. I found it in ‘Beauty Oils and Butters’ by Elaine Stavert. It is simply Grapeseed oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E oil and essential oils. It’s light and smells really nice because I add Orange Essential Oil to it and it doesn’t cost loads to make!

Butter me Up
Shea and Grapeseed Butter (Butter me Up)

What you need:
250ml/1 Cup of Shea Butter
125ml/1 cup of Grapeseed Oil
1/2 tsp of Vitamin E oil
10 drops of Orange Essential Oil

How to:
Melt the Shea Butter then add the Grapeseed and other oils. Put in the freezer for about 20 mins then begin to whip it up. Once whipped place in containers. Mine was a little over whipped (house is still a bit cold so hardened more after I’d finished whipping).

I bought the book really cheap here:

Beauty Oils and Butters