Finger Coils

It’s funny that one of the first styles that people try when they go natural seems to be the finger coils. A while back I showed photos of two lovely young ladies rocking their finger coils and they’re back and still showing off their fantastic coils. Over the past few months there are others following the Bristol trend. Long, short, curly, coily, kinky, lovely…

Next up, afro puffs!

My Fine Natural Hair

I’m learning a lot about my hair. The newest revelation is that I have ‘fine’ hair. I seem to have a lot of this type of hair but just the same it is ‘fine’. So does this matter? Well yes it does and it answers a few questions such as why don’t flat twist outs look like the ones ive seen on Youtube but instead are so scalpy? Why do I have to really puff my hair up to get rid of those lines? Why do I find broken strands on my fingers when I sometimes do finger coils? It is because I have fine hair.

Fine Natural Hair
Fine Natural Hair

I’ve been doing some reading on the subject but unfortunately there isn’t a lot out there. I will continue in my search for what works well on my hair but I feel I have a long way to go. Nevertheless, I’m loving it! I can’t wait to see what my hair can do as it gets longer, what it will look like and how much of it I have. I am also experimenting with my daughter’s hair which is coarser than mine and hoping to teach her to love her natural hair too.

Length Check T-Shirts

I recently bought a length check t-shirt to eventually begin to record the growth of my hair. I then found a site that shows you how to create your own so thought I’d share it with you all – (I have not made my own).
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Finger Coils

I haven’t considered myself as being natural for very long although I had locs for 6 years. I am exploring my hair and trying a few things and as I find out more I just can’t seem to help sharing my ideas with friends, family, colleagues etc. I am by no means an expert especially as I can be lazy with hair, but I am reading, watching and trying out different things with mine and my daughter’s hair.

Last week I attended a conference with a friend and we talked hair which seems to be my staple diet at the moment. She has two beautiful girls with different types of curl patterns and she decided to try out finger coils on them. I have been doing coils on my hair for a couple of months and find it so easy that I decided to share. See these fantastic photos of the results.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Six years ago, when I turned 40, I decided to locs my hair. No particular reason except I am lazy and wanted to do as little as possible to it and my cousin Karen’s hair looked fantastic. I grew it long but in 2012 decided it was too heavy, too hard to wash and on top of that my reasonably priced locs beautician had done a runner. I decided to keep my hair natural after Serena was disgusted when I uttered the unspeakable word ‘perm’! I did some YouTube research on being natural and well, here I am natural and loving it although still not 100% sure how I want to style my newly discovered coils.